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Trendspotter: Mod Prints + Clap Tracks Making a Comeback?

30 Jan

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This Is How Traditional Retail Is Going To Survive

23 Jan

Rock Candy Music presents guest blogger Maurilio Amorim, an avid blogger and CEO/founder of The A Group, a media, technology and branding firm in Brentwood, TN. Maurilio consults with some of the nation’s largest ministries, leading churches, and Christian publishers. On his blog, he also participates in posting fashion-related blogs (“Fashion Friday“) with a particular expertise in menswear, and one of his recent posts caught our eye. Maurilio was kind enough to donate this post to RCM and will hopefully become an occasional contributor to the cause. We love this man’s vision and ambition, and are happy to welcome him to RCM.


Traditional retail is in trouble. More and more people are buying products online. It’s convenient, easy and, for the most part, cheaper than going on a shopping expedition to the local mall. Retailers have noticed that and are trying to figure out what they need to do in order to be competitive. Unless you are Walmart, the retailer behemoth, you know that you can’t compete purely on price. Not long ago while exchanging some Christmas gifts at The Buckle store at the Cool Springs Mall,  I was reminded that as far as retail is concerned there’s still no substitute for a great sales person.

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Throwback Thursday: Linda Keith

13 Jan

In the spring of 1966, a beautiful, well educated, music obsessed (traveled with her blues 45s), 20 year old aspiring model and girlfriend of Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, walked into The Cheetah Club in New York. On stage was a little known NYC act named Curtis Knight and the Squires, playing for a smattering of less than 40 people in the 2000+ sized room.

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Cover Up: She & Him

10 Jan


In our Cover Up posts, RCM uses the color scheme of an album cover to build an outfit! To sharpen our style skills, we’ll even attempt to match the design style or era of the album cover in our fashion choices.


Our first ever Cover Up features a uniquely designed album cover from “Volume 1” by the girl-guy duo, She & Him. The designer used some crafty tools in building this cover (we love how the design looks like it’s screen printed onto a t-shirt!), and we’ve tried our best to mimic the playful style of the cover design in the outfit. Also, we think this outfit is just as ready to travel as the girl on the cover apparently is, so get ready to jet set in this ensemble.

Pants: These amazing red-orange cigarette pants from Urban Outfitters are a perfect color match to the background of the album. Not to mention super hot. $49.00

Shirt: This so so cute bicycle tee from CausticThreads captures the playful vibe of the cover art. $18.00

Shoes: Man, these suede pumps are just… doin’… work. This classic silhouette from Urban comes in a plethora of lovely shades, but we loved them in orange/red. $49.00

Cardigan: A cozy-looking cardi from ModCloth adds that splash of beige that we see in the “screen printed” clouds on the She & Him cover. It also makes for a warm plane ride or road trip. $29.99

Necklace: How perfect! This vintage suitcase fused glass pendant we found on Etsy is not only the perfect shade of blue, but also looks just like our little traveling girl’s suitcase! $20.00

Bag: My personal favorite from this set, this vintage brown faux leather purse from RubysRed sure beats lugging around that giant suitcase and is great for every-day. (You better snag this before I do.)  $20.00

Get the music: She & Him’s album “Vol. 1” can be snagged on iTunes for a mere $9.99. Pick it up, kids. I promise, this purchase will not sit in your closet, never to be worn.


Got a unique, old-school, and colorful album cover to suggest for our next Cover Up? Send it here.

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