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I’m Still Beautiful: Music & Fashion With A Passion

2 Mar


“Giving back is always in style,

and now is the time to start.”


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Rock Candy Music’s in the Green Room

6 Jan

Hello, inter-webs! Rock Candy Music is getting ready to take the stage. We just have to powder our noses and then we’ll be ready to rock your faces off with posts about fashion, style, music, art, and whatever the hell else we decide to improvise at the last minute. There are no rules in music or fashion, and you won’t find any here at RCM, either. So, strap in and get ready to rock and roll. And jazz, and hip-hop, and blues, and pop…

In the meantime, see what we’re all about and check out some of the themed posts that you can expect to find on RCM. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter, and if you have any post suggestions, comments, or questions, drop us a line!

…Keep your eyes open… The good times begin next week.

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