Throwback Thursday: Linda Keith

13 Jan

In the spring of 1966, a beautiful, well educated, music obsessed (traveled with her blues 45s), 20 year old aspiring model and girlfriend of Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, walked into The Cheetah Club in New York. On stage was a little known NYC act named Curtis Knight and the Squires, playing for a smattering of less than 40 people in the 2000+ sized room.

She didn’t care for the band, but was mesmerized by the guitar player. She thought he was a star, of the rarest kind. After the set she invited him to join her and her friends at their table. Later that month she would introduce the young man to her legendary rocker boyfriend, Richards. The rest is history…

That young guitar player’s name was Jimi Hendrix.

That woman, and 60’s fashion icon, was Linda Keith.

“Ruby Tuesday” by the Rolling Stones was written by Keith Richards after Linda left him. Damn, that girl left a mark.

Get The “Mod” Look

To channel Linda’s mod sixties style, channel your inner graphic designer. Think modern, clean lines with striking colors and graphic elements.


Want to suggest a band or style icon for our next Throwback Thursday? Send it here.


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