Trendspotter: Mod Prints + Clap Tracks Making a Comeback?

30 Jan

1. Modern, Graphic Prints. While browsing some of our favorite online stores, we began noticing a very distinct trend when about 6 blouses and dresses in a row featured bold, contrasting prints in black and cream. The Urban Outfitters Spring Catalog is riddled with graphic prints, and even just the color scheme itself has a strong presence in the collection. Neutral tones seem to be prominent, as well, with the occasional splash of red. Modcloth’s New Arrivals, although sporting a more vintage vibe rather than Urban’s modern one, hinted at the same possible developing trend, with several graphic tops and neutral gems. These contemporary, graphic prints put us in mind of the bold Mod prints popular in the 60’s. Comeback, anyone? (P.S. I just saw someone wearing one of the shirts pictured above at a party last night.)

2.¬†Clap Tracks Everywhere! How ironic is it that the first percussion sound ever made by man is showing up all over creation, at a time when music production is being dominated by the auto-tuned and¬†synthesized.. Well, the clap track is back… With AND without its step-brother, the ‘Stomp’ track.

Just a few examples!

New G.Love single

THE Janelle Monae

NeedToBreathe’s single

Adele: This bridge IS the clap track


Readers, where have you noticed these trends? Got some trends to suggest? Visit our Contact page.


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