Soul Sanctuary

28 Feb

Rock Candy Music welcomes back guest blogger, Shelley Wyatt, writer of the interior design blog, DecorHate. Shelley is a thrift store maven with a knack for turning found objects into decor treasures. When Shelley isn’t sharing her design expertise with the blogosphere, she works for a successful and well-known lifestyle retailer (we won’t give too much away here, but we will say that we LOVE these guys and have featured their products in one of our posts so far). Shelley will show us how our personal creativity and expression can shine through in yet another form, and she will (we hope!) become a familiar face here at RCM.


If we can, in this short life, figure out just who we are and embrace that self, celebrate it and go against the mainstream to honor it… If we surround ourselves with people and beauty befitting of that self… welcoming the mash-up of elements, we are truly geniuses of the soul.

I believe our homes, our nests…tell everything about us. This is not to be used so much to analyze a person as to know that we can create comfort for ourselves….comfort for the body, the eyes, the mind and for the soul…in our homes. I believe in this whole-heartedly and know instantly when I have compromised this idea. I know because the soul goes out of my home…..

Below are some images I love. These rooms belong to folks that have realized who they are….even if for just long enough to touch their surroundings with their own brand of beauty. To me, these rooms are refreshing, like the people we meet every so often that feel so real and so honest they give us new hope. They make you want to put your feet up and stay a while.

Dallas Home of Mother-Daughter Sea of Shoes Bloggers Judy and Jane Aldridge …fromNOWNESS

Below, the unstuffy and brilliant work of Kristen Buckingham

Stick with this approach to flex your soul-muscle:

*Use your favorite color(s) even if it’s bright or seems crazy to use in décor…..Embrace it –even paint a wall with it!

*Use patterns you love. Try to avoid the pitfall of matchy-matchy anything. Over-thinking things can give you a “decorator look,” and that is not what we are after. Turn a brightly patterned fabric inside out or tea-stain it to make it look softer and more loved.

*Bring out those beat-up treasures that mean something to you even if you think at first they don’t “coordinated.”  This is what gives the room personality.

*Use kid’s art on walls. Kid’s drawing + interesting frame = soul. Or how about having someone you love, like a grandparent that doesn’t even draw, sketch a portrait of you? Frame it and love it.

*Try not to copy what you see, rather, let it inspire you.

*Mix modern with old as well as expensive and cheap for more interest.


What “crazy” piece would you put in your soul room? A retro chair a la 1953? That “out-there” wallpaper that you’ve been lusting after? A golden calf, like the girls at NOWNESS?


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