Cover Up: Amy Stroup

8 Feb


In our Cover Up posts, RCM uses the color scheme of an album cover to build an outfit! To sharpen our style skills, we’ll even attempt to match the design style or era of the album cover in our fashion choices.


Up this week, we’ve got Amy Stroup‘s 3rd installment of the 6-song LP series, “The Other Side of Love.” We love the muted grey editing to the photo, and also Amy’s rad fur coat and be-buttoned frock. The less noticeable colors, like the bursts of red and green in the photo, make for a great rainy autumn day color scheme.

Dress: This lovely Blog Writer Dress is courtesy of ModCloth. It captures that muted khaki tone in the photo plus a touch of dark grey, and also mimics the buttons on Amy’s dress. $131.99

Jacket: The First Prize Pumpkin Jacket, also from ModCloth, was a winner in our book! This was a great match for the splashes of autumn leaves on the album cover– and keeps you dry and warm. $124.99

Knee Socks: These socks look super cozy and add another splash of grey to the mix… not to mention a flash of thigh. $17.99

Scarf: This incredible vintage find from The Little Deer in fact IS too good to be true… it’s sold out. But it was exactly what we were envisioning to echo the hood of Amy’s coat, AND we couldn’t resist the opportunity to introduce you to the stylings of Little Deer! Sold.

Boots: We tried pairing this outfit with some snazzy fashion boots, but in the end, these ordinary galoshes were the perfect fit.  $49.99


Got a unique, old-school, and colorful album cover to suggest for our next Cover Up? Send it here.


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