What is a “LIVING” room, really?

16 Jan

Rock Candy Music is thrilled to present guest blogger, Shelley Wyatt, writer of the interior design blog, DecorHate. Shelley is a thrift store maven with a knack for turning found objects into decor treasures. When Shelley isn’t sharing her design expertise with the blogosphere, she works for a successful and well-known lifestyle retailer (we won’t give too much away here, but we will say that we LOVE these guys and have featured their products in one of our posts so far). Shelley will show us how our personal creativity and expression can shine through in yet another form, and she will (we hope!) become a familiar face here at RCM.


We must ask ourselves these questions from time to time. What is a living room?

Let’s face it….there are lots of ideas out there about how things are supposed to look. What if a living room were just one big room to live in? After all, that’s the idea behind a loft space and there are some amazing ones out there…..but beyond the loft and beyond the conventional idea of a living room, the question should be….What if you woke up and found out one day that you didn’t have to follow the rules? Well! today’s the day…no rules.

Recently the “Leather King,” Mitch Alfus, was featured on The Selby. A short film they made of his live/work space and his achingly sweet “living” moments with his daughter are all about life and living it the way you want to in your space. It makes me wish I could ride my bike through the dining room. I love the way this kind of life will no doubt nurture within his beautiful little girl a no-limits way to approach her own style and life.


Ummm… so, how AMAZING is that video?


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